To Book a MIAM meeting:

  1. Click MIAM Appointments below

  2. Click book now

  3. Select a convenient time on the calendar sheet

  4. Fill in the information questionnaire

  5. Please pay for your meeting using a credit/debit card

  6. You will then receive a confirmation email containing a link to access your Zoom mediation meeting (please download the relevant Zoom app for your computer or tablet)

 Joint MIAM appointments are where you are both comfortable to attend together

 To book a mediation meeting after your MIAM, we will send you an email setting out the agreed date and details of the agreement to mediate

With the support of the government we are able to offer you a voucher of £500.00 towards mediation sessions that involve children ( not the MIAM meetings ) subject to availability. To apply to new cases only 

We work hard to help you through difficult times. This our commitment. We ask you to be respectful to our administration staff and our mediators 

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