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  • Initially, you must attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), usually on your own for 45 minutes, to learn about the mediation process and to assess the suitability of your case for mediation. The meeting is confidential and gives the mediator a chance to understand your reasons for attending, and also to assess your suitability for this process.

  • NEXT, if both parties agree to proceed, mediation meetings are held, usually for 90 minutes each meeting, which are attended by both parties.  At the meetings, your mediator will assist you in settling your differences and hopefully reaching a mutually agreed option.

  •  After the conclusion of the mediation the mediator will produce documents outlining what you have both agreed during the meetings.

  • The number of meetings will depend on the complexity of your issues, but will generally be between 2 and 4 sessions for financial matters and one where children only issues are discussed.

  • IF you do not reach an agreement or one of the parties does not wish to mediate, the mediator will sign the relevant court form to enable you to issue court proceedings.  

  • We help to resolve child arrangements (contact, support and parenting), as well as those of property and finance (housing, assets and liabilities etc.). 

  • The meetings are confidential and cannot be used in any legal proceedings. Your attendance is totally voluntary, and each party has the right to leave the session if they wish.


We charge each party £87 for the initial MIAM meeting.

For clients on Universal Credit this is reduced to £47.

If you  both wish to attend the MIAM together and are both comfortable with this, the fee is £140 jointly (£70 each) .

For a mediation meeting the fee is £140 per person (a 90-minute meeting).

Child inclusive Mediations the fee is £100 per person,£50 for Clients on Universal Credits 

There is a £60 fee for a Statement of Outcome for children’s issue cases


 Where agreement is reached in mediation  cases involving financial issues, there is £110 fee for each document, (£55.00 per person, each document ) these being the Open Financial Statement and Memorandum of Understanding which can be transposed into a Consent Order by your solicitors.

​Where the marital net assets exceed £1 million, we offer a structured scale of fees which the mediator will discuss with you during the MIAM meetings


Looking for a quality Mediation Service you can depend on? Well, look no further. We offer a team of experienced medators..Fill in the form , choose your appointment time. settle your fee and we will sent you the link for the zoom MIAM meeting. Please note, at present ,we do not participate in the government's legal aid scheme. We do offer discounted fees for clients on Universal Credit 

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