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Inheritance Disputes 

Mediation saves time, money and stress 


If you have been left out of a Will or not been provided for you may have started (or considering)  a claim  under the Inheritance Act or a dispute  may arise alleging that the will was  invalid.

Dealing with a bereavement can be extremely difficult and emotionally distressing. Discovery that the deceased’s final wishes have been challenged by way of a probate dispute makes an already tough time even more challenging to deal with. .

Traditionally probate disputes have been settled in a court. However this process usually involves significant legal costs and can be time consuming and stressful to deal with. It also leaves the final decision over the division of the deceased’s estate with the court.

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Inheritance  mediation allows the parties to come together through supported dialogue and reach mutually acceptable outcomes together. 

Probate mediation is confidential and offers a faster and more affordable approach to dispute resolution compared to the court process. Mediation can help to repair the communication between disputing parties as long as they are willing to engage in the process.


Why Essex Mediation Online ​

  • Accredited Mediators, experienced in resolving  family disputes 

  • Online Service , no need for parties to attend the same location

  • Tailored service .We tailor our service to meet the needs of our clients 

  • competitive  fees

Some Helpful links to give you more information:

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