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Essex Mediation Online 

Essex Mediation Online is a  service brought to you by our team of mediators who have worked together for over 17 years . We offer:   

  • Streamlined online appointments

  • Information and signposting regarding the mediation process

  • Competitive fees  (reduced for clients on Universal Credit)

  • Hands-on mediator service

  • FMC and CMC accredited mediators who are members of the College of Mediators 

  • Government Vouchers  worth £500 towards Family Mediations , subject to availability 

People meeting mediate
Mediation for children

Why Mediate 

Mediation saves time and costs, allowing parties to agree on a solution.

Mediators can help each party to explore their issues and options, and offer help to negotiate solutions.


Court proceedings can prove to be costly and time consuming, and the final outcome is often decided by a judge rather than the people involved.


All of these downsides can lead to more confrontation and stress for all those involved.


Our experienced mediators work in a client-centred way to help you resolve your differences, without the time and expense of having to issue court proceedings.

Man in court
People vin court

We are experienced in both family and civil mediation 

Mediation puts Childten first


Resolving disputes concerning contact with children , property and finance and civil mediation

Mediation is a way of addressing concerns and resolving disagreements that arise when couples divorce or separate. Mediation allows couples to reach agreements regarding child issues, property and finance.


Mediation can help separating couples avoid the court process, which is acknowledged to be costly and fraught for all concerned. We are experts in conflict resolution and work hard to help you reach agreement.

We understand that resolving your differences when a relationship ends is an extremely emotional time and hard for you and your whole family. Mediation is non-confrontational and our impartial, non-judgemental process will save you time, money and emotional stress.

Civil mediation resolves disputes


The world in which we live in today is forever changing. The increasing use of new technology, leads us to live our lives at an increasingly faster pace. 


Both at work and in our private lives, disputes and disagreements are bound to arise at different times, with varying levels of importance. What may have seemed clear and simple can later become complex and involved.


Disputes lead to litigation, which can be worrying, expensive, and very time consuming. A dispute may start out as a small issue then later becomes an uncontrollable problem which can have a big impact across many aspects of your life.


It is always worth considering mediation to resolve your dispute. Imagine how free you would feel if you could wake up tomorrow with your dispute resolved!


We are confident that we can help you If the case is not  settled as a result of the mediation we will return 50% of our fee!

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